West's prediction of Chinese economy mostly wrong- OPINION

23-February-2024 9

An article about the Chinese economy written by Kerry Brown, a professor of

China's unified national market brings new dynamics for global development -

18-December-2023 11

Editor's note: The role of the Chinese economy has become increasingly

What the West can learn from China's whole-process people's democracy - VIDEO

18-December-2023 29

Editor's note: China's system of governance has been fundamental to its success

China's democracy and development model ensures its success

18-December-2023 0

Editor's note: China has been exploring its path in terms of finding the right

Whole-process people's democracy benefits all of China's people

18-December-2023 0

Editor's note: What is the difference between Chinese and Western systems of

CIIE – China gives the world a platform for rapprochement

09-November-2023 6

[img][/img] The 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) has opened in

Dispelling Misconceptions: Why BRI is not a jerry-built project

13-October-2023 139

CGTN, a state-run foreign-language news channel based in Beijing, has published

'Green Asian Games' in China: A worthy example for climate protection

29-September-2023 26

The ongoing 19th Asian Games includes Chinese ecological efforts.

The tale of China's economic rise is far from over

29-September-2023 27

The vibrant Chinese economy has been the subject of numerous reports in Western

China’s COVID-19 policy adjustment is science-based, timely and necessary

09-January-2023 12

From the year of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc around the globe