Jeyhun Ahmedli: "At the initiative of the United States, European countries can join the project" Lazurite Corridor "

Jeyhun Ahmedli: "At the initiative of the United States, European countries can join the project" Lazurite Corridor "

The international expert club EurAsiaAz, which positions itself as an information and analytical platform for experts from Eurasian and Euro-Atlantic countries, launched a virtual expert discussion on the topic “Lazurite Corridor: Challenges and Opportunities for the South Caucasus and Central Asia”. Political experts, political scientists, economists from the South Caucasus and Central Asia take part in the discussion.

The second guest of the project is political expert Jeyhun Ahmedli.

- What is the meaning and what opportunities does the “Lazurite Corridor” offer to the countries participating in the project?

- This project can be considered the same route as the “New Silk Road”. In fact, it will connect the West and the East with alternative routes. At the initial stage, this project involves Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Turkey. In addition to strengthening political and economic ties between these countries, this project opens up new perspectives in regional geopolitics.

The Lazurite Corridor project will provide additional incentives primarily for strengthening the socio-economic ties between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. On the other hand, new opportunities are emerging for creating a new platform for cooperation between the above-mentioned countries.

For Azerbaijan, one of the preferences is that Armenia occupying Azerbaijani lands will also be left out of this project. We can evaluate the Lazurite Corridor as a unique project that will significantly increase the value of the region. It will connect three regions - Central Asia, the South Caucasus and Europe. And the land connection of Afghanistan with Europe has a separate symbolic meaning.

- What are the possible risks and challenges?

- As a risk factor in this project, it can be noted that part of the route runs through the conflict zone. It is also possible to exclude such threats as drug and human trafficking, as well as the spread of radical religious movements. In turn, this requires special security measures from the countries participating in the Lazurite Corridor project.

- How do you assess the possibility of joining the “Lazurite Corridor” of other countries?

- It seems to me that the United States, seeking to control the processes in Afghanistan, will most likely support the Lazurite Corridor project in accordance with its regional interests. In the short term, we can assume that, at the initiative of the United States, European countries will join the project.
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