Ahmed Moustafa: Popular Protests in France

Ahmed Moustafa: Popular Protests in France

In short, the reasons of this most violent French protests in the history of France since the 1968 protests and in 2006 were not the imposition of the environmental tax by Macron on the French people, which affected the lower classes, especially the drivers and who always wear yellow vests (hence the name of the movement – yellow vests came from) in France are the cause.

Ahmed Moustafa: Popular Protests in France

Which, regrettably, has made Trump the American president making fun of France to say: “this is because of Paris Climate Convention”, which he has withdrawn from as an idiot last year – while neither China nor India have withdrawn the two countries with the largest population and industrial activity, on the grounds that Trump wants to increase jobs, even at the expense of pollution of the environment – with the existence of a dilapidated American health system not comparable to France, as well as the absence of a clear health law – and the imposition of Trump corrective taxes on Americans last year to fill the US budget deficit.

The Amendment of the French labor law – but what happened has roots extends to amend the French labor law, and make it in favor of tycoons and businessmen, as is the law in Egypt, for example, and I was personally affected by it when amended from the law of 187/1981 to the law of 12/2003 and the amendments thereof that came after it and has not never do justice to the employee – unfortunately the majority of Western and Arab Media did not shed light on this serious reason.

In a country that was to the era of the respected president “Jacques Chirac” had a balance between the right and left, as there was a large socialist current existed in France – but unfortunately the work of “Sarkozy, Holland and the current president Macron” traitors France to grind the left, To appease the White House and the American lobbies and fierce globalization – and France this great country has become just a follower and subordinate to US policies.

Social media – as we observe that what is happening in France brings back to mind the “April 6 Movement” and “Kifaya” (in Egypt) – and “Occupy Wall Street” in America – and how social media played a big role in networking, and then is the revolutions later in all of “Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Bahrain” peacefully – because the social media was the biggest platform for the gathering of the angry and the marginalized people – and the same means of social communication has united the angry French, who thought that Macaron had made France a country ruled by the rich and powerful, as unfortunately our Arab countries at present with the loss of social and economic rights.

Where the demands of the protesters arrived – after the cancellation of the environmental tax on diesel – the protests continued despite the call of the Council of Ministers and Parliament to meet representatives of yellow vests – But there are hidden death threats received by prominent figures in this movement (because the movement without unknown leadership for now) and they accused the French security in this issue – and also the official authorities in France asked to block the media from these dialogues with the movement – which worried the protesters and make them refuse to meet with whether Parliament or with the ministers.

With Macron’s popularity down to less than 30 percent, the demands of protesters, which reached not only the dissolution of the National Assembly, but also the demand for Macron’s resignation from the presidency, who unfortunately was not welcome from the beginning to the post and there are many question marks on the sources of funding his campaign from some Gulf countries and this is not disclosed yet.

Some of our Arab youth still believe that what is going on in France is a just divine revenge for what France has done in our Arab and African countries from supporting terrorist groups in coordination with America, Britain, France and Israel. As well as to provoke chaos in countries such as Libya and Syria in particular – and hit the wedge between Morocco and Algeria – and then support then fight against terrorism in the Francophone countries with rich natural resources like Mali, Chad, Niger and others.

Ahmed Moustafa
Director of Asia Center for Studies and Translation
A Member of the CODESRIA and Group of Strategic Vision
Russia and the Islamic world
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