Respect the humanity and save the human beings

Respect the humanity and save the human beings

Killing, burning, torturing and War is headlines of News everywhere. Whether you watch TV or listen to Radio, Read Newspaper or read online, the headlines are the same – disaster to humanity. Recently revealed that the News by BBC regarding use Chemical Weapons in Syria was fake, but based on this news, Western World attacked Syria and killed millions of innocent human beings. The same was the case with the Iraq War, based on fake information, Iraq was blamed for possessing Weapon of Mass Destruction, and destroyed. Libya was also a similar case. There is a point of view regarding the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, that it was staged to initiate “Crusade” – Islamophobia has resulted in killing of millions of innocent human beings.

Forced millions to leave their homes, families were separated, kids were made orphans, begging, prostitution and suicides were the common outcomes of all such heinous crimes. Let’s view our history, who killed millions ruthlessly, he was Hitler, a Cristian. But no one blamed him as a Christian terrorist! Josef Stalin killed millions and most of them were starved to death, he was not a Muslim at all! Chairman Mao, killed millions, was he Muslim? Masculine killed 400,000 people and he was not a Muslim! Ashoka killed 100,000 in the battle of Kalanga, he yet not a Muslim! President Bush initiated “Crusade” and killed millions in Iraq, including 500,000 kids due to the sanction imposed on Iraq, but no one blamed him at all. And so on ……

The First World War (WWI) caused killings of 17 million, WWII caused 50 million, Atom bomb on Naga Saki killed 200,000 people, the Vietnam War caused 500,000 killings, Bosnia war again 500,000 lives, Cambodia war caused 300,000 deaths, Palestine, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Kashmir is still suffering bloodshed of thousands and thousands of precious human lives on a daily basis.

In the world, who are involved in the big business of Weapons, who exports to rest of the world, who manufacture such lethal weapons, who hold supremacy and hegemony over defense business, whose economy depends on the export of weapons? None of Muslim country may fall in such category. Still, Muslims are blamed, terrorists???

Western World is in a disease of “Islamophobia”. There is a dire need to rectify their understanding of Islam. We blame ourselves for not propagating true Islam. Islam means “Peace” when we meet each other, we greet “Peace be upon you”. Our holy prophet peace be upon him was a messenger of “Peace”, his life was full of teaching and preaching for Peace. Our Holy book is full of teachings regarding forgiveness and Peace. Companion of Holy Prophet Peace be upon him were practically demonstrating “Peace” in their lives. Our history is full of “Sufis” spread all over the world, preaching for Tolerance, Harmony and Peace.

The word “Jihad” is misinterpreted in the Western world. Jihad means a struggle against evils and seeking justice. It does not allow the killing of innocent people at all. Jihad teaches us for forgiveness, tolerance, and control over our unlawful desires. We are human beings and sometimes our over ambitiousness may cause harm to others, Jihad means we have to overcome our over ambitiousness. The best Jihad is termed “Self-Control”. The killing of innocent is not permitted in Islam if someone commits such crime is liable for punishment by Islamic laws.

The time has reached, where we need to distinguish between the real things and fake news, Information must be authenticated before believing in it. The spread of misinformation may cause more harm to humanity. To date, Muslims are victims, but respect who are the victims, we must care about the human lives, we must think as human beings, and we must respect humanity. Unfortunately, the media is controlled and monopolized by the western world and we are out of access to the facts and real information.

Islam is a rational religion and closet to nature. We are not biased and do not want to harm anyone. But we need to project the true picture of Islam and the right perception of Muslims. However, if there is any criminal, irrespective of his/her religion, we must condemn. We should promote tolerance and harmony through dialogue peacefully. We should overcome our misunderstandings and move forward to save humanity, respect humanity, Justice and prosperity of human beings is our common goal, we should join hands for achieving our common goals.

Author: Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Sinologist (ex-Diplomate), Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan. E-mail:
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