Respect the humanity and save the human beings

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Killing, burning, torturing and War is headlines of News everywhere. Whether

Transformation and Mainstreaming of erstwhile Federally Administered Tribal

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Pakistan shocked the whole world by winning extensive war against terrorism in

Vijay Bhatia: "The BRICS nations have achieved plentiful and substantial

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Dr Vijay Kumar Bhatia is a Faculty of International Relations and Eurasian

Imran Khan’s historic visit to the USA

11-July-2019 0

By Seymur Mammadov Bilateral relations between the US and Pakistan in recent

Armenia settles Syrian Armenians in Azerbaijani territories. Why is the world

11-July-2019 11

By Seymur Mammadov After the cessation of hostilities between Azerbaijan and

US policies in the Middle East facilitating China and Russia – Ijaz Awan

22-May-2019 2

‘If Iran wants to fight, that will be the end of Iran’; these were the words of

China’s debt trap? The true story of Hambantota port

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By Xu Wenhong The fate of Hambantota port, which the Sri Lankan government

General: «Azerbaijan’s support for Turkey and Pakistan can be considered as an

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Following is an Exclusive Interview with the Editor-In-Chief of the Azerbaijani

After meeting between Aliyev and Pashinyan in Vienna: Peace or War?

17-April-2019 11

By Seymur Mammadov President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and

Kashmir, Nagorno-Karabakh and United Nations

31-March-2019 4

By Agha Iqrar Haroon Sometimes, I strongly believe that Imperialist powers